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  Free-text search

The database offers free-text searching across the entire film descriptions as well as index-based searches on film titles. At the moment you can search the whole of the DIF's website. Please enter your search terms.

Search help

Truncation (*):
combines words with different endings within a single search expression.
photograph* will find "photography" as well as "photographer" or "photographic", etc.

Word combinations:
Two or more search words in sequence will be joined automatically using the AND operator.

AND - Both search words must occur in the document
OR - The document must contain one or both of the given words
NOT - The word following the operator must not occur in the document

when using two or more operators, a particular order of evaluation can be enforced by using parentheses.

Results Format:
long results include an extract from the pages returned as results. Short results include only the page title.

Sort by:
score returns results ranked by relevance, datum, title.